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Suspension Repair in Gladstone, Missouri

Eliminating the Suspense in Suspension

What Is It?

Nearly everyone knows that a vehicle has a suspension system. Not everyone, however, is familiar with what the system is and what it does. The term “suspension system” refers collectively to the components between your automobile’s frame and the road surface. Individual parts include wheels/tires, shock absorbers (also called shocks or dampers), coil springs, joints/bushings/bearings, and rods/linkages. (Note: Your car may be equipped with struts rather than shock absorbers. They serve similar functions.) The purpose of this system is to maximize ride comfort while minimizing the likelihood that your vehicle will lose sufficient road contact when hitting bumps or uneven surfaces. Trust the Northland Auto Pro experts in Gladstone, Missouri, if all this makes you feel a little apprehensive about problem detection and repairs. You’ll find us at 7116 N Oak Trafficway Gladstone, MO 64118, where our certified technicians will help you take the suspense out of suspension repair. Use our online feature or call us at (816) 606-3794 to schedule an appointment.


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