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Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Gladstone, Missouri

Identifying The Source Of The Check Engine Warning

Checking Out The Check Engine Light

When your vehicle’s check engine light comes on, it’s more than an aggravation. It’s your car’s cry for help. Therefore, you need an accurate diagnosis to correct the specific problem. The certified technicians at Northland Auto Pro in Gladstone, Missouri, can assist you by connecting your automobile to the OBD-II reader to obtain a trouble code. Next, we’ll use our expertise and years of experience to pinpoint the exact problem. This will enable us to correct the problem and eliminate the check engine lamp illumination. You’ll find us nearby at 7116 N Oak Trafficway Gladstone, MO 64118. If your check engine light is on, you can still drive the short distance to our shop. Call us at (816) 606-3794 to make an appointment for diagnosis and repair.


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