4 Signs You Need Engine Repair

4 Signs You Need Engine Repair

4 Signs You Need Engine RepairWhy do you need engine repair?

If you’ve seen your check engine light is on, you might have ignored it, but it’s essential to get engine repair when you notice a problem. Ignoring your check engine light could cause more damage to your engine over time. At Northland Auto Pro, located in Gladstone, Missouri, we can give you an accurate diagnosis of why your check engine light is on and provide excellent engine care for your vehicle.

You’re seeing too much smoke

It’s smart to immediately take your car to an auto repair shop if you see too much smoke. Seeing smoke can be a sign of your engine overheating, a blown head gasket, a broken cylinder head, or it could be your vehicle is using the wrong motor oil.

Your car has a decrease in gas mileage

If you notice that your car seems to have a decrease in mileage on a tank of gas, your engine may have an issue in its compression stroke. Don’t ignore this issue if it’s coupled with a check engine light.

You hear knocking noises

Sometimes you’ll hear the problem before you see it. If you hear weird sounds like hissing, knocking, or popping sounds, your engine may be dying due to wear or damage. The sounds indicate that you could have serious engine problems, a weak starter, or a worn-out timing belt. Smoke is a sign of a potential car-killing problem, and an experienced mechanic will know exactly how to provide proper engine repair.

Your car’s engine won’t start

You’re about to go somewhere and your engine won’t start? One way you can figure out that you’ll need engine repair is if you hear a clicking sound. However, sometimes an engine won’t start because of a discharged battery.

Get engine repair at Northland Auto Pro

If you notice these signs with your engine and you are near Gladstone, Missouri, bring your car to Northland Auto Pro. At our auto repair shop, we provide excellent maintenance services by certified technicians with the latest diagnostic equipment for engine repair.

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