How to choose the right oil for an oil change

How to choose the right oil for an oil change

What Oil Should You Buy When You Need an Oil Change?

Do you need an oil change but you’re not sure which to choose? You’re not the only one. It’s important to know which kind of oil your vehicle needs to keep our cars cooled, lubricated, and protected against wear. There is no one one-size-fits-all or clear-cut answer across the board, but one guaranteed way to find out is by taking your car to a trusted auto repair shop for an oil change. If you’re in the vicinity of Gladstone, Missouri, get your oil changed at Northland Auto Pro by a mechanic you can trust.

Check your oil cap

You can easily find out the type you oil you need for your vehicle by looking at the oil cap. Twist it open, and you’ll see a label of what type of oil your car needs on the cap. You can also get an oil change, and a mechanic will know which motor oil is suited for your vehicle. There are four types of motor oil: synthetic oil, synthetic blend oil, conventional oil, and high mileage oil.

Synthetic oil provides great engine protection because its base oils are higher quality and more uniform than conventional oil. Synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil but provides longer intervals between oil changes. It’s best to use synthetic oil or synthetic blend oil for modern cars. If your car is relatively new and you don’t speed, you can get away with just one annual oil change.

Synthetic blend oil

Synthetic blend oil (also known as semi-synthetic oil) is made from conventional and synthetic oil. Many people who have SUVs and pickups use synthetic blend oil because it protects cars carrying heavier loads. Additionally, it’s more cost-effective than synthetic oil. People often use synthetic blend oil during an oil change to transition from using conventional oil to synthetic oil.

Conventional oil

Conventional oil is refined from naturally occurring crude oil and additives are added to provide engine protection. Conventional oil is commonly used because it’s cost-effective and better suited for older engines. Conventional motor oil has a higher viscosity than synthetic oil that thins out at higher temperatures, resulting in better lubrication and wear protection.

High mileage oil

If your car has over 75,000 miles on your odometer, it’s recommended that you get high mileage oil. It helps lessen oil consumption and lessen smoke and emissions. High mileage oil has special additives and seal enhancers that help reduce leaks.

Stop by Northland Auto Pro for an oil change

Instead of worrying about which oil to get for your car, bring your vehicle to Northland Auto Pro in Gladstone, Missouri, to get an oil change and exceptional auto service. We’re experienced with many models of vehicles, including European manufacturers that specify named service checklists.

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